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Life's a Wreck

Kyle Moore

Mental health isn't just mental illness, it's in everything we do. There are ups and downs, it's beautiful and messy, and at the end of the day, life's a wreck. Thing is, that wreck is what makes us 'US' and isn't that worth celebrating? A layered and rich wreck of emotions, nuance and stories, all culminating in very human experiences. We believe that conversations surrounding mental health deserve to leave the tall shadow of stigma and have their moment in the limelight. Life's a Wreck aims to be a museum of mental health, a parlour to the people, a place to celebrate all things mental, curating the stories of others and examining a world hidden behind stigma with a joyous curiosity and passion for storytelling. Join Kyle Moore around our proverbial campfire to share stories about the world we live in looked at through the lens of mental health. This is Life's a Wreck.